This is me, looking artsy.

In real life, I don't look this artsy. I just look like what I am: an aspiring poet/novelist who lives in a hip Chicago neighborhood and wears secondhand paisley tops and prominent glasses. Just a regular gal, you know? I think the reason we all secretly like artsy photos even though we also all hate them a little is that someone had to take them of us and that means someone cared enough to look at us and capture us in a moment where we look profound instead of silly. 

If you'd like my real headshot, please email me at brenna[dot]lemieux[at]gmail[dot]com. I'll send you one. 

If you'd like a more conventional bio, try this: Brenna Lemieux has been lucky enough to live and write in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Paris, Galway, and Illinois. She currently lives in Chicago, where she runs, writes, and usually chooses the product that is cheaper per ounce.

If you want occasional updates about my life, follow me on Twitter @BrennaLemieux.