My Books

And by "my" books, I mean ones I've written. If I included books I've bought, this list would 1) be much longer and 2) feature what you might consider a surprising amount of Laura-Ingalls-Wilder-themed titles. If I had to name a primary life goal, I would say it's making this list longer.

My sister also took my headshot! She's great!

My sister also took my headshot! She's great!

The Gospel of Household Plants

This is my first book, a collection of poetry. It won Quercus Review Press's poetry book contest in 2015. I recommend giving it a try if you're in the mood for mostly upbeat poems about family, plus a few about love and plants. Bonus fact: my sister took the photo on the book's cover, which features one of my father's household plants.

This is a scene from one of the poems!

This is a scene from one of the poems!

Blankness, Melancholy, and Other Ways of Dying

Uh-oh. As you can tell by the title, this one isn't as much of an upper. It's also a chapbook, which is a shorter collection. My point of departure for these poems was a question: What would invisible maladies (depression, anxiety, chronic pain, etc.) look like if they were visible? The answers I came up with turned into many poems in this collection. The cover art is by the brilliant genius Kate Weinberg.


My Fiction

Sure, everyone loves a good poem, but what if you have some time to kill? If that's the case, let me recommend fiction. I won't be so bold as to recommend my own fiction, but anyway here it is.

"We Were Happy," published by Meridian in Summer 2019

"The Year We Lived," Published by Willow Springs in Spring 2019

"Following Suit," Published by The MacGuffin in Spring 2018. Note: You'll have to buy a copy to read this one.

"All Hallows' Eve," Published by Rappahannock Review in December 2017 (plus bonus interview!)

"A Bad Idea," Published by Every Day Fiction in September 2017

"Adele," Published by Adelaide in September 2017

"Fluorescent Hours," Published in 2016 by the now-defunct Printers Row magazine run by the Chicago Tribune. (Not available online.)